X-Spat Controller

X-Spat Controller 2.0

X-Spat Controller for A&G X-Spat DSPExpansion, is a MIDI software that provides control over the 202
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X-Spat Controller for A&G X-Spat DSPExpansion, is a MIDI software that provides control over the 202 parameters of X-spat boX, X-Spat Card for Rosetta800 and X-Spat Adapter for Richmond Sound Design AB64. It generates 3D paths for up to 4 stereo or 8 mono audio sources and it is possible to recall complete speakers and internal patchbay configurations using MIDI program change messages. Modify the parameters as you wish. Repeat the operation for all channels and save your setup file in the hard disk. At any time, you can select the button Send to send the necessary MIDI Control Change messages to your X-Spat system. You can control the following parameters. Input Level: regulates the input volume of the Spatializer for the selected channel. Input LPF Cutoff: sets the cut off frequency of the first-degree Low Pass filter for the selected channel. Gain Enhance: increases or decreases the level of the spatialized signal for the selected channel within the area designated by the speakers. Input HPF Cutoff: sets the first-degree high pass filter cutoff frequency for the selected channel. Bell Factor: it allows you to compensate for the speaker's directionality for the output of the selected channel. Attenuation: regulates the percentage of level variation for the selected channel in relation to the distance of the source from the center of the virtual cube. Doppler Depth: sets the depth of the Doppler effect for the selected channel. Stereo/Mono Source Position Manager: set the position in the virtual space of the audio sources. ITD Depth: sets the depth of the ITD intervention for the selected channel. Front-Rear Spectral Enhance: sets the depth of intervention of the filter dedicated to the simulation of the rear positioning of the source in relation to the center of the virtual cube for the selected channel. Speakers X,Y and Z Position.

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